Why is Toner Important?

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Let's talk about toner! Toner is a product in our skincare routine that some of us often skip. Toner can benefit the skin greatly. Here are some reasons why it's great.
1. It makes your pores appear smaller. Sometimes after washing your face there is still excess dirt or dead skin. Using toner can remove any remaining debris on the face. This allows less oil and dirt into your pores. Your skin will look more vibrant. You can do this with a cotton pad or cotton ball.
2. It refreshes your skin. Especially for those who have oily or acne prone skin, using a toner can leave your skin feeling refreshed. Sometimes when you're on the go, you may not have time to wash your face or do your entire skincare routine. It's okay to cut corners sometimes. We have busy lives. If you don't have time to wash your face or are limited on time to freshen up, walk around with some cotton pads and toner. Your skin will feel refreshed and you with have that clean feel.
3. Toners can help balance the pH level of your skin. It's important to understand the pH scale. It's measured on a scale from 0-14. A pH level of 7 is right in the middle and it is also the most neutral pH level. Anything under 7 would be considered acidic. Examples of this would be stomach acid (pH level between 1 and 4) or battery acid (pH level close to 0). Anything over 7 would be considered basic. Examples of this would be baking soda (pH level of 9) and household bleach (pH level of 13). Toner can balance the pH levels on your skin. This can make the skin less oily and look more radiant.
We recommend trying the Dynami's TONE. It's made with cucumber extract to tighten your pores, Japanese green tea to rejuvenate your skin and marine minerals to promote skin firmness. It's also alcohol free!

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